Why Aida

AIDA Kitchens are designed and built keeping in mind the most important ingredients - you and your family. For us, creativity is a right blend experience, curiosity, fascination, preparation, imagination, aesthetics, technology and hard work. Our experience comes from the research we carry out across the world and our through understanding of the latest trends that dot the globe. But what fascinates us is the rich, exuberant heritage of our own country India. We understand that the Indian style of cooking is way different than the rest of the world and with this insight we've created -- AIDA the perfect kitchen solution for your adobe.

Our unmatched range of quality kitchens have been designed to live up to your beautiful imagination, your interior requirements and adapt to the available space And, from dream to reality, your kitchen will come together when you choose the right ingredient, the right flavour for you home from Aida Kitchens.

Some of the unique features of Aida kitchens are:

  • Myriad of colour options keeping in mind the hues and tones that suit your personality and décor of your home
  • Ample storage space for pots, pans and everything in between.
  • Water proof ply as the carcasses (cabinets) for more durability.
  • Designed and manufactured entirely in-house by A&A Modular Systems and delivered as a complete package,
    so that when you plan on extending it, the other matching components are available
  • Luxurious, functional yet amazingly affordable to give you the best value for money.
  • Predrilled format for all hardware i.e. screws, handles and hinges; where all drilling is done on CNC's,
    ensuring precision and a fully aligned kitchen with less dependency on labour. Therefore, minimizing the installation time.
  • Five year warranty in of any repairs/damages.
  • Three free services in the first year of installation.